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GLDNSEASON is the third release from Klevah's timepiece GOLDEN, dropping November 28th, 2014.


Dig Deep into my dialogue and die along. Herbal conversation. Verbal confiscation
U could take the words right out my mouth and write a song. If u need consummation, eternal compilations for internal complications.
I pick a vice, recite a hymn and light the bong -- Sip Heineken or Hennessy if I'm feelin 2 withdrawn
On the surface I be calm. Nah I be perpin, I be nervous like I’m the furthest thing from perfect like in the furthest thing from strong
Searchin takin turns I'm on a mission word is bond -- Gimme mercy I'm on dirt til 7:00 alarms. I’m bout to purge!

x HOOK x
Golden season wake up early bird. I got that urge -- Golden eagle world watch me as it turn. I'm on the edge!
Don't push me I ain't puxxy, that's just prey. Ooh she dead nixxa -- I’m overheads I’m overfed I’m over w8

xx VERSE xx
I can barely hold a str8 face. Golden got me glowing. Warming got me global. Back n forth Bipolar
These nixxas got me fxcked up! If they thought this was over. It’s been a cold October In and out the casa like til I pass out Klevah Casa Nova.
Spacin out – explosive! and U can’t ask bout me, they don't know shxt
Inherited this Golden shit from Moses. Only right I dedicate it to the bro before I get impulsive keep peakin like a pulse live, posted
This that on my soul shit! post-tramatic stress I learned to cope wit. Climbin latters for the gold this feel like my old shit
Tryna find the cure inside the culprit then apply it to the whole shit N put that shit it motion…N put that shit in motion
Revolve around the world imma wakeUP to some mo shit!

Golden season wake up early bird
If u cant reach my line hit my twitter yo my nixxa what's the word?
I'll get back to you first let me I hit my herb -- Then interact at wit u yo I don’t mean to curve
been tryna minimize distraction but attraction is absolute. I don't even understand my magnitude.
Real shit It just emerged. But it's nothin less then gratitude and courage. Tell the truth, I ain't got no worries.
I'm living proof see the fruits – see the roots – all my troubles and Histories
See the grooves and the cuts and the guts and glory don't get buried!
Golden season wake up early bird
If u cant reach my line hit my twitters yo my nixxa what's the word?
Minor disagreements but we good. He been waitin for my shit to drop…
I been plottin betta move! He helped me learn to fly, perched on pedestal but he can get a stool


released November 26, 2014
Produced by Eric Surreal / Post-Production by H. Kal-El



all rights reserved


Klevah Champaign, Illinois

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